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I hope I can help you by answering some questions you might have about copywriting and hiring a freelance copywriter. 

Finding the right copywriter to help you reach your clients is practical and smart. So, thank you for connecting. Time is valuable and irreplaceable. I appreciate the time you’re taking right now to explore your options with me.

Whether you’re offering self-development for life enrichment, or running life-changing retreats or coaching for self-improvement, you should be working with clients who will love how you help them. And, they should become your fans talking about you to everyone they know.

As a professional copywriter my job is to help you connect to your clients using persuasive writing.  Persuasive writing is elegant, simple and speaks the truth about your services. Persuasive writing is the creative secret all your marketing materials should contain. It’s like a warm invitation to your clients to reach out to you.

Because you’re a professional you need to be confident your social media, content, and materials highlight your reputation as a caring expert. An expert whom your clients will like and trust. And that’s why you’re looking for a copywriter. 

Sure, it might seem easier to do it yourself. Lots of people try. What most people don’t realize is how much time it can take to write, edit, and then maintain your online presence. It’s important that everything (like web content, blogs, video scripts, article writing, case studies) you use is professionally written.  Why?

All forms of writing have frameworks to use. And so it is with copywriting. Professionally written copy means your voice is always heard while using copywriting frameworks (like SEO), managing your content marketing, and any video or podcast scripts you use. 

When all of this is seamlessly intertwined, your expertise shines. You’ll look good on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook – all your social media platforms. 

One more thing. It’s easier for you to work with a copywriter who has ‘real’ experience in your field. This one decision, choosing someone who you don’t have to train, saves you time and money. 

So, perhaps I can help you.

With a long and varied career in business and government along with specialized education and training as a copywriter, content creation and marketing, SEO and working as a life coach, facilitator and trainer – I know where you’re coming from. 

Let’s work together to create personalized business materials highlighting your style and your expertise. 


Cheryl Charron

P.S. The world needs YOU. Your fans are waiting. I’d love to help you meet them. 



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Professional Copywriter Training

Center for Narrative Practice

Multi-Cultural Premier Training

Crown Life Insurance Company

Privately held Canadian corporation with assets of approximately US $101 Million

Athabasca University

A leading accredited Canadian university

Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC)

Global Leader in Scientific Research, Health and Medical Education, and Patient Care

Coach Training Alliance

Train for Success. Become a Leader. Affect Change.

Canada Life Insurance

Insurance & Investment Products to Canadian and International Clients

Coeur de France

Private Language School

Gateways Counselling

Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy Training

What People Are Saying

“…empowers those around her…”

Cheryl is a creative manager, who is able to keep programs viable with her ability to draw important players to the table. She is a skilled, hard-working individual. Her personality empowers those around her.

D. Barlow

Regina Lutheran Home

“…strong written communication skills…”

Cheryl is passionate about the work that she does, extremely hard working, and compassionate. Her reports were clear, thorough, and succinct. In addition to her strong written communication skills, Cheryl is a strong oral communicator. In closing, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Cheryl.

J. Bonish

RCC Board of Directors

“….an excellent wordsmith. She meets her deadlines…”

I’ll be brief. Cheryl is an excellent wordsmith. She meets her deadlines. She’s a caring professional and works well with people of all backgrounds and abilities.  It’s a pleasure to work with her.

D.A.F. Logan, M.D.

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