“Case studies are hidden gold in building your professional reputation.”  -Charron

I know the work you do changes lives when the clients are willing to follow through. I know the frustration you may experience when clients are self-destructive and don’t follow through. Been there.

I worked with clients who amazed me in their persistence in getting through a tough spot in their lives.

I’ve been able to witness remarkable grace under horrific pressure.

I’m sure you’ve had the same experience. Those are stories to be told. These are the people who changed their lives with you walking beside them.

You are good, possibly great, at your work, but you’re not the hero of these stories. Your clients are.

If you’re not using case studies on a regular basis you’re not doing the best you can. What do I mean?

Case studies are the hidden gold in building your professional reputation. Why?  Because they are living and breathing proof of how you help your clients.

Case studies are simply the ‘before and after’ story of your client’s experience. And, they are what most people want to read.  

People are inspired by other people who have managed difficult times.

Why? Because they’re real life.

Case studies don’t have to shout about a theory, or a style of practice or about how ‘good’ you are.

Case studies shine the light on your clients’ successes. You become a storyteller, a narrator, and move from witnessing growth to sharing growth.

Case studies are stories that can rival any best seller on the New York Times.  Case studies are motivational, authentic and individual. 

If you’re not writing them, ask a copywriter to help you. 

A copywriter can help you from the beginning to the end. It starts with permission from your client, and goes on from there.  

Copywriters who specialize in case-studies are professionals who take care of your client. Clients are respected during the process. And, when the case study is complete, your client (and you) have another affirmation of their growth.  

Talk some time and starting thinking about developing your library of case studies.

They’ll help you feel great, and better yet, they’ll probably inspire another client.


Ms Charron is a copywriter with more than 35 years of experience in a variety of industries. She’s a copywriter who is focused on remembering the human heart in advertising; and enjoys working in self-improvement and personal growth.