The Elegant Golden Rules that still Apply in Advertising

Are you using them? 

Bill Bernbach highlighted, back in the Golden Age of Advertising, the need for truth, originality, simplicity and creativity in advertising. 

If you’re old enough you might remember Volkswagen’s ‘think small’ campaign? For it’s time it was original(bucking the trends) and it was simple.  

Perhaps this one rings a bell: Life Cereal and Mikey? 

Today’s a noisy world. I love the idea of simple in your advertising. Sometimes, less is most challenging aspect to create. 

Truth. Well, in today’s ‘fake news’ epidemic, people are checking to find out if what you’re telling is true. It’s obvious, but don’t make false promises. 

Creativity is linked to you being authentic and not trying to ride every trend, and being original – well, that’s going to rely on your authenticity too.

How can you use Bernbach’s influence to your advantage in developing your social media and marketing materials? 

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