This is the third part of an easy self-help series for small business owners. This brief overview focuses on a smidgeon of history and the growth of digital marketing.

How do you know when to hire a freelance copywriter? 

Hiring a copywriter can bring you much-needed support. But when should you start working with one? 

First, just in case you’re new to this – do you know what a copywriter can do?  

Copywriters help you, the business owner, develop the message you want to tell your clients. That sounds simple, right? And it is when you’re trained in the subtle technicalities of writing for social media, case studies, white papers, or short emails. 

Every style of writing has its own framework. Good copywriters are trained and skilled writing copy for specific needs.

Thanks to the internet and all its uses, there’s different frameworks for web writing. 

For example, writing a blog post is created differently than writing than an e-newsletter; a Facebook ad is written differently than an insert ad or an email campaign. And, good copywriters will use SEO (search engine optimization) without fail. 

Many copywriters are content creation specialists. They listen to you, research, and create the information for you. All you do is ‘approve’ the work.

Others can brainstorm with you to build your marketing strategy and implement it. They might help you build your content calendar for the entire year. That means you have a roadmap to follow every day.

Working with a freelancing copywriter gives you a personal creative team, when you need it. 

Now, when to hire a copywriter?

  • You can hire a copywriter when you have a clear business plan and idea. There are copywriters who specialize in writing grants and business plans who might be able to help you in the early days. 
  • You might work with a copywriter after you’re established and tested a few things out. Then, realize an objective eye and professional edit might be a good idea.
  • You could hire a copywriter when you become exhausted from trying to keep everything up to date. There’s nothing worse than a potential client tumbling upon an outdated blog or website. But, keeping every piece of information on-line current and relevant takes more time than most people realize.
  • You might hire a copywriter when you realize that writing is not your ‘thing.’ Everyone has stuff they’re good at, and stuff they aren’t so good at. That’s human. So be human, not superhuman, and let someone do the work you hate for you.
  • You can hire a copywriter when you’re established but venturing into something new – maybe you need a well-written script for a YouTube video or podcast. Maybe you need a speech for a seminar or you’re building a training program.

A copywriter works with you to understand who you are and what you stand for. As importantly, the copywriter shows your client how your business benefits them. 

Copywriters are professionals who create persuasive written material. They make you sound great, they help shape your brand’s reputation. 

Three good things

 Outsourcing your copy and advertising needs to a freelancer:

1.      gives you back time

2.      removes some of the stress you carry

3.      and let’s you focus on the other work you need to do  

So, when do you know it’s time to hire a copywriter? It could be now.

Give one a call, reach out and have a friendly conversation. Ask your questions. They’ll help you figure it out.  

 Ms Charron is a copywriter with more than 35 years of experience in a variety of industries. She’s a copywriter who is focused on remembering the human heart in advertising; and enjoys working in self-improvement and personal growth.