This is about you 

There are thousands of professionals with the same training, the same experience, and the same desire to help as you. 

To find the perfect clients for you, you need to show your personality and be authentic. 

Those are two of the most powerful core elements of persuasion you have.  Without your personality and authenticity, persuasion is simply a formula that a robot can use.

Let’s take a look at what makes persuasion effective.

What is persuasion?

Persuasion is the ability to influence the beliefs of another person.  We’re talking about using persuasion ethically.  Why?  Because you’re working in an industry that can make a lot of false promises when offering services for people who want to improve or change their lives.   

Because you’re a professional, you’re using persuasion, so your clients listen closely to what you have to say. 

You want to persuade clients to work with you for their benefit. 

The best persuasion is subtle and intangible. Persuasion brings the invitation, not the command, to connect with you.

From the 6 principles of persuasion that Robert Cialdini has used to pinpoint the psychology behind persuasion to the blending of your own unique approach to your business, persuasion is a key skill to be used to bring your ideal clients into your world.

Whatever words allow you to feel comfortable – persuading, coaxing, influencing – all have the same intention.

That is to help your clients, and future clients, connect to you through you social media, website, and marketing.

Your ability to be persuasive is seen in your copy and content. It encourages your client to linger on your website, to click for more information, or respond to another call-to-action.

Persuading is part of good business. You’re in the business to help people change their lives. To help them you need to encourage them to reach you. That’s persuasion.

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