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When your future clients are searching online, they’re looking for answers to ‘something.’ Google sparks into action and starts searching billions of bits of information ideally finding your information.

Your information – your content – is the pot of gold your clients are seeking.

But, your content needs to the real thing – not fool’s gold.  Your content needs to be filled with rich content, useful gems of information, and have a direct and easy link to connecting to you.

What can you do to make your content shine and attract your client’s eye?

Here’s 7 ideas for you to try:

1) Search out what your clients are asking about.

You can do this by reading their search queries. Then, you start answering the question using their words, in your content.

How well you answer they questions is part of the gold

TIP:  keep your eye on long-tail queries

2) Look at your competitors and study their content.

What do you notice and what catches your eye, and what makes you flinch?

Start collecting and build a file of content others are using because can learn from them

TIP:  You can be inspired by businesses with access to enormous advertising budgets and teams of copywriters and designers, and you can do a lot without a huge budget.   

3) Keep your content fresh, informative and useful 

Keeping your content current is critical for BERT (Google’s new search algorithm).  You can easily do this by creating a calendar to update your info throughout the month

If you’re doing videos  or podcasts aim for an evergreen approach to keep updating simple

TIP: If you’re stuck here, interview your clients and develop case studies to use for fresh content.

4 ) Create easy-to-read copy  

Avoid jargon and clichés.  Unless your client is searching with technical terms or by clichés, you don’t need to use them

It’s best to focus on quality conversational tones and words.   When clients visit your website, it’s important to be using a friendly and helpful in your approach to your clients

TIP: If you’re not sure how easy your copy is to read, give it to a 12- year-old and see if they understand.

5) There’s software, online training, and books out there to help you.

Here’s a list:

– You could set aside a few hours to try different software products (most have free trial periods)

– Explore on-line training options or check a local community college for programs near you

– You could set aside some regular time to read and do you own testing and research

TIP: Of course, there are freelance copywriters who can help you navigate the changes.

6) If you want to feed your inner geek, explore the techno side of BERT  

This data and info is regularly refreshed. You’re never going to be at a loss for reading material.

You can search NLP and NLU (natural language usage) to deepen you technical understanding even more.

TIP: You don’t need to understand the tech side of BERT or other algorithms to create brilliant copy

7) Remember to look at your tag lines for your photos and visuals

Take the time to tag them for SEO use

Use quality photos and if you can use your own photos. 

Stock shots (free ones are Unsplash or Pixabay)  are great and easy to use

Your own photos have more character and can bring more authenticity to your content

TIP:  If you’re not comfortable about doing your own photography, ask a  a friend who’s good at it.  

Wrapping up

We all know it’s a competitive world out there. Every business is trying to attract and engage with clients.  Businesses come and go.  If you want to be a business who stay on the map, your content more important than ever before.  Why?  Here’s why:

72% of companies say content marketing increases leads and if you have time, click the link and check the data.

To stand out, your content needs to be your beacon to bring your clients toward you.  When your content answers they’re questions and is easy-to-read, and relatable, clients are more likely to ‘click’ and connect.

If you’re at a loss – uncertain of how to navigate SEO searching, revamping content, tagging – reach out to a copywriter who works with SEO.

Or, if the idea of constantly creating and reworking content is making your mind explode, you’re not alone.

OptinMonster (December 2019) looked at Research from Zazzle Media. It reveals that 60% of people find it hard to produce content consistently.

You don’t need to do everything by yourself. Build your crew to support you.

Then, you can take your focus and passion to the work you really enjoy – serving your clients.

Ms Charron is a certified copywriter with more than 35 years experience in a variety of industries. She’s a copywriter who is focused on remembering the human heart in advertising and enjoys working in self-improvement and personal growth.

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