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It was a rainy night. My feet hurt and my brain was on overload.

I’d walked for about 10 hours that day – visited museums, strolling slowly through neighbourhoods and along the Seine, enjoying every second. But now, as I wandered into the 18th century hotel on a tiny quiet street in the 8th arrondissement, I was ready to relax in the library. It’s a quiet welcoming space with the lounge along one wall. 

The candles were lit flickering and glowing on the tables. Cool jazz played in the background. Along the west wall were soft and comfortable couches. Each had a small round mahogany table with an orchid and the ivory candles, and two equally comfortable chairs tufted in a deep ruby velour sat opposite each couch.  Each little sitting area formed a tranquil space for intimate conversations.

I was in Paris for three weeks enjoying myself without rushing here or there. I had no agenda. Just waking up and wandering where my imagination wanted. It was a solo trip filled with relaxation, thinking about life, and enjoying the pace of Paris in October.  The chestnut trees were starting to shed. The Tuileries was still filled with people. Every season in Paris brings it’s own pleasures.

And now, a the end of a wonderful day, it was time for a Calvados (one of my favorite pleasures when in France). Relaxing into the couch, I idly watched people go by on the street.

The waiter, a green-eyed young man, took my order. We’d gotten to know each other a bit.  I practised my French. He practised his English.  I’d suggest something, he’d recommend something else. I would try his recommendation. And learnt how much he knew about the art of dining.

Setting my Calvados on the table, he set down a plate. He’d carefully arranged 4 petit-four chocolates on the plate.  Maybe that doesn’t seem like much to you, but in Paris, these chocolates were revered. To receive four was amazing.  

Smiling at my curious grin, he quietly explained this unexpected treat.

Each chocolate had been carefully chosen by him based upon what I’d enjoyed from the menu over the last few days.  One chocolate was from Ethiopia, another from Germany and so on.  Each chocolate was beautiful.  One had a little piece of gold leaf; one had a delicate scroll of ganache.  Each were tiny hand-crafted works of edible art.  

To show me more, he brought over the chocolate box from behind the bar. It was filled with chocolates from around the world, each carefully identified and chosen.

Taking my time and sampling them each as I would a fine wine, I realized I was in bliss.  And, my feet weren’t hurting anymore.

Relaxed. Content. Sipping a fragrant aged brandy with a few deluxe chocolates in a tiny lounge. It wasn’t about the quantity; it was about the quality.

Experiences shape quality

Now, let’s take a look at the quality of that one experience I enjoyed in Paris and why it set a standard for me.

Working as a copywriter means meeting a lot of interesting people. A variety of people who each have a unique blend of visionary and pragmatist.  Everyone has a story to share. Those stories show me the desire to make a dream, an idea, into something real.

As a copywriter, I help move the dream along by creating the material for websites, blogs, ezines, podcasts – any way a person is using social media to grow the  business growth and their personal reputation.

There are thousands of hotels in Paris. They all compete with each other. They all have common themes.

Yet, during the times I’ve been there, I find one or two hotels that I return to over and over.  Why? They fit me.  They fit my style, my vision, my budget, – they have what I need. I feel safe. And ,with the well-trained staff I am cared for.

So, it is with the business of copywriting.

There are thousands of copywriters.  There are thousands of clients. Copywriters like working with people they have shared interests and values with. Clients like copywriters who they feel safe and comfortable with.

Clients feel safe with well-trained copywriters.  As with the hotels, there’s a lot of work going on out of sight of the guests.  A smooth operation upfront means hundreds of details are properly managed.

In copywriting, there are rules and formats behind the scenes, too.   The client may never know what the copywriter uses to turn information into stories to delight readers and client.

There are unseen technical details, too. How many characters are allowed in an ad headline, how is SEO changing, what are the new search guidelines for Google? 

Working with people who’s taste, style, purpose, are shared makes the work fun. Doing what you enjoy makes the work fun.  For copywriters, writing is fun. Sure, we know classic rules of grammar and we also know the grammar rules in advertising. Guess what? They’re not the same.

And what moves good to great?

The care and attention the hotel staff offered me was only really noticed when the chocolates arrived.  Those wonderful, melt-in-your mouth, small explosions of flavour, putting a smile on my face chocolates – moved the hotel experience from good to great. They staff were paying attention to details I never ever thought about. 

“Quality shapes success.” Cheryl Charron

My surprise treat of chocolates happened because of the subtle attention to detail. The server’s attention to what I’d enjoyed eating and drinking (did you know they keep notes, sometimes?).  The concierge would find information for me, that I hadn’t asked for, but through conversations knew I’d be interested in.  Wonderfully trained caring staff who delighted in their work and knew their city.

(Side note: While the French may have a reputation for being aloof and arrogant, that’s not quite true. They’re reserved, without a doubt. But they have been kind, generous and helpful to me when I’ve travelled in France).

That is the experience every customer appreciates. It’s not always about the fireworks and the massive success. 

It’s also about the attention to details. The thoughtful approach to offering new ideas. To creating a reality from the desire and dream that is why the client connects to you.

In copywriting, quality is critical.

The focus on the customer experience and the customer’s journey are the new benchmarks businesses are competing for.  Products are very similar. What distinguishes one business from another today is the human touch.

While the internet is bridging businesses to consumers in remarkable ways, the desire for human connection is becoming more valued.

What is that? It’s in the details. It’s customer service and follow-up, the ability of a business to respond to a customer’s needs, the opportunity to create lasting professional relationships build from trust, authenticity and integrity. 

Trust. Authenticity. Integrity.  Those are the chocolates customers crave from copywriters to make the experience exceptional.

Ms Charron is a certified copywriter with more than 35 years experience in a variety of industries. She’s a copywriter who is focused on remembering the human heart in advertising and enjoys working in self-improvement and personal growth.

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