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OK! We all know how busy life gets, especially when you’re running your own business. You’ve got lots on the go, too many distractions and never-ending demands on your limited supply of your most valuable asset: time. 

You need to pull on your superhero gear to not only get ahead, but to stay ahead. Can you even imagine having oodles of free time to relax and enjoy friends and family? Being a superhero is part of your life – would your friends and family even recognize you if you took off the costume?

So, while you’re zipping around running your business, serving your customers, attending networking events and taking care of the mortgage, things do get neglected.

Are you ignoring one of your greatest resources? 

One spot often neglected is your website.

It’s super easy to put off writing content, checking your stats and reviewing your SEO choices.  Maybe you think it doesn’t really matter. It does, though.

Why? Because in today’s limitless online business world, your website can be seen by anyone, anywhere, anytime. That’s an extraordinary opportunity you shouldn’t ignore or waste.

Your website can open the deal or shut it before it starts. 

“A single bad experience on a website makes users 88% less likely to visit the website again.”- Blue Corona, 2019 

In the early days, sometimes all you needed was a website with basic info. And today some business owners still just stick their contact info on a yellow page site and leave it be. It’s a start, but much MUCH more is needed.

Today, we’re cyber driven, even when we’re local. Today, your website needs to be a treasure of limitless riches.

Your consumers are seeking information they can use, answers, and a website with easy navigation. Those are the riches.  

“91% of customers have visited a store because of an online experience.” – Top Digital Agency, 2019

Here’s a quick 3-point checklist for you to click through 

Hopefully, you’re not making any of these easy-to-fix mistakes! If you are, it’s worth your time to fix ‘em up.

 1.      Outdated (useless) content

It can feel exhausting and overwhelming to keep up. Depending on your business, you may personally be light years ahead of your competition because you’re involved in reading, attending trade shows, and checking out new developments. Wonderful!

But are you taking the time to keep your consumer up to date with info that can be intriguing to them? What you’ve discovered through at a tradeshow or journal can be the subject of a blog. It’s an easy way to be current and relevant to your consumer. Show your expertise.

2.      It’s impossible to load quickly

You might be completely excited about using every bell & whistle out there on your website. You could be using video, audio, podcasts, lots of gorgeous photos. And that’s all great as long as your website is quick to load on any electronic.

Consumers are using smartphones more than before. Tablets and laptops are still there too. And yes, some people have desktops they like to use.

Check how fast your website loads. Get your friends to test it out. If it’s taking too long talk to an IT expert and discover how to manage everything you want posted and reduce the time.

 If you think it doesn’t matter, consider this shocking data:

“53% of mobile website visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. For every one second delay in site load time, conversions fall by 12% .”(Google, 2018)

 3.      Visually horrific

Again, whether think it matters or not, it does. People enjoy seeing websites that please the eye. This is more than just having nice colours or photos.

Ask yourself: Is your website easy to read?

  • Are your fonts clear and elegantly simple? Personally, I enjoy fancy fonts, but I rarely use them. When I do, they are limited. They’re too tough to read.   
  • What colour is your font? I love colours and would like to use more. But deep blues and blacks are easier to read.  Try printing a test page from your site. Black and dark blue colour print better for text (and you don’t drain the consumer’s colour cartridge!).
  • How wide is your text box or column? People read more easily when text is contained to narrower rather than wider spaces. It’s how our eyes and brain work. If you need help, take a look at a newsletter or newspaper or magazine. Notice how they craft the text on their pages by using columns. 
  • Are you generous with white space? Too little white space is tiring and confusing. When in doubt, add in empty space – wider margins, space between paragraphs, increase line space or letter space using Word tools.  

Rest easy – even superheroes can use a hand 

Now, I know you’re a superhero.  

No one who takes on what you do can be anything but amazing. All you need to do is ensure your tools are working for you. Make your website the treasure trove consumers love.  

If this feels like a nightmare, there are other superheroes who can help.  

They’re called copywriters, content marketers, IT specialists. It can be more valuable than you realize to build your website with pros who know what to do to make you awesome. 

Ms Charron is a certified copywriter with more than 35 years experience in a variety of industries. She’s a copywriter who is focused on remembering the human heart in advertising and enjoys working in self-improvement and personal growth.

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