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On the edge of town, in a newer community, there’s a fresh look at inclusivity. And, it’s core is a model we can all learn from for our own businesses. 

There’s a new 5-storey apartment building filled with studio and one-bedroom apartments.  On the main floor there’s a licensed dining room, library, licensed coffee shop, and hair salon.  

It’s a trendy building with chic country décor and vibe. Chandeliers and fireplaces. Oodles of large windows letting in natural light all day. 

On the lower floor there’s a daycare and playground. Across the street is a park where newcomers and Canadians hang out with their kids.  If you sit outside at the café you can hear laughter drifting from the park. It’s a massive green space and it’s in use year-round, even in the winter.  

What’s so different? It’s the blend. It’s the energy. 

This lifestyle apartment building is created for individuals who are able-bodied or dis-abled. It’s wheelchair friendly – everywhere. Staff are trained for a variety of personal care issues. The staff are hired because they care, and it shows. 

There’re seniors of all ages, people recovering from surgery, or people who need a bit of support to live independently. There’s preschoolers and parents.

It’s also become a popular neighbourhood restaurant and coffee shop. I go there frequently to sit in the coffeeshop with a glass of organic red wine, or for a fresh homemade dinner.  

At those times, I watch staff help the residents with kindness and consideration.  

As I was having lunch there one day, I noticed a well-dressed woman in her 50’s, having lunch.  I’d seen her before and knew she was growing use to the lingering effects of a stroke. Sometimes, she struggled with the cutlery.  

Without a second glance, a server joined her and helped her when she needed it. Just friends helping each other. 

It takes the right people to work in this space. It takes people who can connect with empathy and understanding. It takes a touch of grace to create this warmth. 

Isn’t that a dreamlife – a wee bit of a dream world?   

It’s wonderful. 

Now, what’s wonderful about your business? 

Ideally, you’ve chosen to work in a self-help niche because you care. You want your clients to improve their lives and succeed. That’s your dream world. 

To do that authentically your vibe and brand has to match your intention. What steps are you taking to make it happen? 

One of the most critical ways is what you’re writing for your website and social media. 

What do your clients see and hear? 

Are you communicating to your ‘like-minded people’ the best message possible? Are you creating virtual relationships with anyone who stops by your site or blog?  

How can you find this out? Check your stats and ask your clients for feedback. Start a conversation and learn if you’re on track and meeting your clients real needs.  

If you need how to best reach your people – the people you’re here to help – and would enjoy some guidance on your strategies or messages, you can talk to a freelance copywriter. 

Perhaps you’re unaware of the variety of skills copywriters can offer you. If you’ve never talked to a copywriter, pour yourself a coffee and check this series about working with a copywriter for the first time. 

Copywriters love their work, just as you love yours. They’ve got the skills and interests to help you live your brand – without fuss, without stress. 

Last thoughts 

Your clients need to feel secure and safe with you and your services or products. They need to see you as a caring professional. They want to believe in you, just as you want to believe in their abilities to improve their lives.  

It’s worth your time to review your content for all your social media and products to make sure you’re consistently showing how you care and how you can help them succeed.  

This apartment building was a breath of fresh air to people who are benefiting from the services and supports.  It’s a place of warmth and caring.  

Can you be that fresh breeze to clients who are needing you? Call a copywriter today and discover how they can help you connect.  

Ms Charron is a certified copywriter with more than 35 years experience in a variety of industries. She’s a copywriter who is focused on remembering the human heart in advertising and enjoys working in self-improvement and personal growth.

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