What People Are Saying

“…empowers those around her…”

Cheryl is a creative manager, who is able to keep programs viable with her ability to draw important players to the table. She is a skilled, hard-working individual. Her personality empowers those around her.

D. Barlow

Regina Lutheran Home

Being with Cheryl is such a gift. Her warmth, insight and wisdom are amazing. She has such a great background of experiences and training. Cheryl makes people feel completely valued and understood. She is the perfect fit for personal development and wellness. Her communication style is so friendly and inviting…you can’t help but want to talk more.

Alison Downey

Freelance Copywriter

“…strong written communication skills…”

Cheryl is passionate about the work that she does, extremely hard working, and compassionate. Her reports were clear, thorough, and succinct. In addition to her strong written communication skills, Cheryl is a strong oral communicator. In closing, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Cheryl.

J. Bonish

RCC Board of Directors

“…can help your audience transform their life…”

Cheryl Charron writes with the kind of clarity, courage, and wit that comes from taking risks and looking the truth straight in the eye. She recognizes that the joy in life comes from trusting yourself and embracing growth. If you need a writer who can help your audience transform their life, Ms. Charron can deliver.

B. Reza

Clearwater Words

“….an excellent wordsmith. She meets her deadlines…”

I’ll be brief. Cheryl is an excellent wordsmith. She meets her deadlines. She’s a caring professional and works well with people of all backgrounds and abilities. It’s a pleasure to work with her.

D.A.F. Logan, M.D.

“…a fantastic writer, a good editor and listener…” 

Cheryl Charron completed the certificate program from the Center for Narrative Practice in 2016. Cheryl’s intellect, and her willingness to take chances and stretch her comfort zone, made her one of the important students in her class. Not only is she a fantastic writer, she is also a good editor and listener, and added value to every component of the program she was involved in.

Scott Alderman,


“…forms positive, lasting and trusting relationships with clients…”

Ms. Charron has a tremendous ability to form positive, lasting, and trusting relationships with clients, community partners, and professionals. She is able to listen to the stories and experiences of others and routinely advocates for those who are unable to do so themselves.

H. Huyghebaert

Ehrlo Community Services

“….helps others look at issues from a place of compassion…”

I’ve known Cheryl for a long time. She is someone who has great integrity. Cheryl is a leader who is willing to listen to others opinions and share her own in a calm manner. She’s someone who helps others look at issues from a place of compassion, helping one look at the whole picture in life situations.

K. Bailey

Saskatchewan Health Authority

Cheryl writes well and stylishly. 

D. Marsden

Alberta, Canada

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