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How I Write


Contact and Communications Policies

  • As we work together, it’s important we have fast and easy communication.  During your project, I’m available Tuesday through Friday from 9:00AM – 4:00PM.
  • The easiest way to be in touch is through confidential email at charron.cheryl@gmail.com which allows for easy access across different time zones.
  • If during our project, there is an urgent matter, you’ll have access to a confidential telephone number. 
  • All contact information is private and confidential emails and phone voicemails.

Discussing the Project and Questionnaire

  • To get started with your potential project, I’ll send you a Discovery Questionnaire. This helps both of us define the scope of your project and ensure maximum benefits.
  • I’ll send you the link to the Questionnaire through Google Docs, or if preferred, as a Word file via email. Please return it to me within three (3) business days.  
  • When I receive your Questionnaire I’ll review and study the answers and comments you’ve provided, plus any other applicable initial research needed. From there, I’ll draft a short Project Roadmap.  This saves you time and helps you see I fully understand the project. The Roadmap will be the foundation for our Launch Call.
  • Three to ten (3-10) business days after I receive your response to the Questionnaire, we’ll schedule a 20-minute Launch Call.  This is very focused and uses the Project Roadmap as the working template. I’ll also listen to any additional directions and insights you have on the project.
  • Following that call, I’ll draft and email you an Agreement. Or, if your legal team has an Agreement, we can use that.

Investment and Getting Started

  • The Agreement will contain the specifics on what exactly I will deliver, including your project deadlines. 
  • It will list our investment for your project and terms of payment. (Note: I require 50% of the project total to begin. Most of my clients prefer to pay by online transfer.)
  • Once we’ve both signed the Agreement, I’ll begin working on your project as agreed.


  • My research process is detailed and comprehensive. I start with a complete review of your website and any other materials you send me. Then, I’ll research the market (including your competitors). In some cases, I may be in touch with customers/past clients especially if testimonials are needed. As needed I’ll reach out to your for additional details and other resources you may be using. 
  • You can be confident I’ll quickly understand your service, your voice and your client’s core emotional purchase drivers.


  • As we work on your project together, communication is critical. Some of my clients are very busy and prefer to hand-off the project to me and review the first draft, with little communication in between. Others prefer dealing with me on an almost daily basis and to be involved at just about every step of the way. 
  • As part of Agreement, please send me an email and let me know how often you’d like to communicate and the best, and easiest, way to reach you .If you’re having your team work with this project, I require that you assign me to a single point of contact in your team (if this is not you).  I’ll communicate directly with that contact and they will deal with your other team members as needed to obtain information and approvals. 
  • Lastly, I strongly urge you to become familiar with Google Docs.  I do my writing with this word processing tool. It’s easy to use and allows us to track changes, comments, and collaborate in real time.  It can be shared with your team if needed. The working document is always the current document which is brilliant because it eliminates the human errors of sending the wrong file, or deleting the wrong file, and it saves automatically.

Review of the First Drafts

  • Typically, you’ll receive the first draft within ten to fifteen (10-15) business days, depending upon the project size and scope. 
  • Please review this draft carefully. Also, have any team members review it at this time as well.  The most important thing at this stage of the project is to ensure the tone, message and other details are accurate. 
  • We’ll fine-tune during the second draft, and third draft as needed.


  • Once you’ve reviewed the initial draft, it’s likely you’ll have some changes. This is normal.  Please note those changes using the comment feature inside of Google Docs. 
  • I’ll review all your suggested changes within 48 hours of you submitting them to me. I’ll make adjustments within two to four  (2-4) business days, depending on the breadth and complexity of your suggestion changes.
  • In all cases, I realize this is your voice and your customers, and will defer to you as much as possible. Should there be suggestions that may be not be helpful or negatively impact profits, or contradict your service or brand in someway, I’ll bring this to you attention and we can talk it through.

Additional Reviews

  • This is a creative business project and naturally, there are multiple reviews.  Fine-tuning may be needed. You can be sure I‘ll work with you until your are delighted with the final copy.  In most cases, clients find that one review is enough. When more are needed, it’s usually just a couple of changes and the process goes quickly. 

Final Approval

  • When all the revisions are completed, I’ll submit a final draft to you. At this point, you approve the copy by sending me an email stating everything is ready and approved. Because we have paid close attention throughout the process, the final draft is usually approved without changes. It’s just a final look at the document(s) before you take them to print or publish. 
  • Once I receive the final approval from you, I’ll invoice you for the remaining fifty percent (50%) of the project investment. This invoice is due upon receipt. I’ll make every effort to be prompt in responding to your requests, and assume, that as a professional, you’ll do the same with my invoices.
  • In most cases,the final copy is sent to a designer for formatting.  I strongly recommend you to send me a copy of the PDF of the final version. I will double-check the document ensuring the design elements enhance, rather than distract, from the copy.  
  • If I see something that is distracting or confusing, I’ll be direct in letting you know so you can review it as well, and suggest changes you may wish to share with the designer.  

Transition to Other Projects

  • Once the project is done, I offer all my clients a complimentary follow-up consultation. We spend a few minutes on the phone to discuss what went well and what improvements could be made.
  • We’ll review the Discovery Questionnaire and discuss additional ways to uncover new opportunities for your reference. Where appropriate, we can map out a new project ensuring you continue to have excellent content and copy that speaks to your clients, builds loyalty and improves your business outcomes.

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